WAEC GCE Timetable 1st Series 2023 [FIRST SERIES]

Are you planning to sit for the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) GCE exams this year? If so, it’s important to have access to the WAEC GCE Timetable to help you prepare adequately and effectively.

The WAEC GCE Timetable 1st Series 2023 is a comprehensive schedule of all the subjects and their respective dates and times for the exams. This timetable is designed to help you plan and organize your study time, as well as ensure that you do not miss any of your exams.

With the WAEC GCE Timetable 1st Series 2023, you can easily know the exact date and time for each of your exams, and you can also plan ahead of time, so you don’t get overwhelmed by the exam schedules.

In addition to the exam dates and times, the WAEC GCE Timetable also contains other important information, such as the duration of each exam, the reporting time, and the specific instructions you need to follow during the exams.

It’s important to note that the WAEC GCE Timetable is subject to change, so it’s important to stay updated and always check for any changes or updates that may occur.

To access the WAEC GCE Timetable 1st Series 2023, simply visit the official WAEC website, or any of the approved websites for WAEC GCE, and download the timetable in PDF format. You can also check with your school or exam center for a copy of the timetable.

With the WAEC GCE Timetable 1st Series 2023, you can adequately prepare and confidently sit for your exams, knowing that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.



Tuesday, 31st January, 2023PC3272 PC3271Hausa 2 (Essay) Hausa 1 (Objective)2hrs 1hr9:30am     –    11:30am 11:30am   –    12:30pm
PC3282 PC3281Igbo 2 (Essay) Igbo 1 (Objective)2hrs 1hr9:30am     –    11:30am 11:30am   –    12:30pm
PC3292 PC3291Yoruba 2 (Essay) Yoruba 1 (Objective)2hrs 1hr9:30am     –    11:30am 11:30am   –    12:30pm
Wednesday, 1st February, 2023PC3022 PC3021English Language 2 (Essay) English Language 1 (Objective)2hrs 1hr9:30am     –    11:30am 11:30am   –    12:30pm
PC3023/BEnglish Language 3 (Test of Orals)**/****45mins2:00pm     –     2:45pm
Friday, 3rd February 2023PC 1042 PC 1041Financial Accounting 2 (Theory and Practice) Financial Accounting 1 (Objective)2hrs 30mins 1hr9:30am     –                 12:00noon 12:00noon –                    1:00pm
2:00 pm –     2:45pmPC5022 PC5021Agricultural Science 2 (Essay) Agricultural Science 1 (Objective)2hrs 10mins 50mins9:30am     –     11:40am 11:40am   –     12:30pm
PC2103Literature-in-English 3 (Drama & Poetry)2hrs 30mins3:00pm     –       5:30pm
Saturday, 4th February, 2023PC4022 PC4021General Mathematics 2 (Essay) General Mathematics 1 (Objective)2hrs 30mins 1hr 30mins9:30am     –                 12:00noon 2:00pm     –                 3:30pm
Tuesday, 7th February, 2023PC2022 PC2021Christian Religious Studies 2 (Essay) Christian Religious Studies 1 (Objective)2hrs 1hr9:30am     –       11:30am 11:30am   –       12:30pm
PC2082 PC2081Islamic Studies 2 (Essay) Islamic Studies 1 (Objective)2hrs 1hr9:30am     –       11:30am 11:30am   –       12:30pm
2:00 pm –       4:45pmPC5122 PC5121Physics 2 (Essay) Physics 1 (Objective)1hr 30mins 1hr 15mins9:30am     –       11:00am 11:00am   –       12:15pm
PC5123Physics 3 (Alternative to Practical Work)2hrs 45minsThursday, 2nd February 2023
Friday, 10th February 2023PC2042 PC2041Geography 2(Essay) Geography 1(Objective)2hrs 1hr9:30am     –       11:30am 11:30am   –       12:30pm
PC2043Geography 3 (Practical and Physical Geography)1hr 50minsThursday, 9th February 2023
Friday, 10th February, 2023PC5042 PC5041Biology 2 (Essay) Biology 1 (Objective)1hr 40mins 50mins9:30am     –       11:10am 11:10am   –       12:00noon
PC5043Biology 3 (Alternative to Practical Work)2hrsWednesday, 8th February 2023
Saturday, 11th February, 2023PC2162 PC2161Civic Education 2 (Essay) Civic Education 1 (Objective)2hrs 1hr9:30am      –     11:30am 11:30am    –     12:30pm
Monday, 13th February, 2023PC4012Further Mathematics 2 (Essay)2hrs 30mins9:30am      –     12:00noon
PC4011Further Mathematics 1 (Objective)1hr 30mins2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Wednesday, 15th February 2023PC2102 PC2101Literature-In-English 2(Prose) Literature-In-English 1 (Objective)1hr 15mins 1hr9:30am      –     10:45am 10:45am    –     11:45am
PC5023Agricultural Science 3 (Alternative to Practical Work)1hr 30mins2:00 pm –       3:30pm
2:00pm      – 3:30 pmPC2032 PC2031Economics 2 (Essay) Economics 1 (Objective)2hrs 1hr9:30am      –     11:30am 11:30am    –     12:30pm
Tuesday, 14th February 2023PC2052 PC2051Government 2 (Essay) Government 1 (Objective)2hrs 1hr9:30am      –     11:30am 11:30am    –     12:30pm
PC1032 PC1031Commerce 2 (Essay) Commerce 1 (Objective)2hrs 50mins2:00pm      –                  4:00pm 4:00 pm – 4:50 pm
3:00 pm –     4:30pmPC5052 PC5051Chemistry 2 (Essay) Chemistry 1 (Objective)2hrs 1hr9:30am      –     11:30am 11:30am    –     12:30pm
PC5053Chemistry 3 (Alternative to Practical Work)1hr 30mins3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
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