Top 8 Expert Tips On How To Pass NABTEB Exams In 2023

Brief History

The National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) is a Nigerian examining body that was established in 1992. The board was established to conduct certification exams in business, technical, and vocational education, and to provide professional certifications for skilled workers in Nigeria.’

NABTEB is responsible for setting examination standards, as well as conducting and grading exams for secondary school students who have completed their studies in business, technical, and vocational education programs. The board offers several certification exams, including the National Technical Certificate (NTC), National Business Certificate (NBC), and National Technical Teachers Certificate (NTTC).

NABTEB has played a critical role in providing professional certifications for skilled workers in Nigeria and promoting the development of technical and vocational education in the country. Over the years, NABTEB has also taken steps to improve the quality of its exams and to ensure that its certifications are recognized and respected both in Nigeria and abroad.

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Why Do Students Sit For NABTEB Examination?


NABTEB offers several professional certifications in business, technical and vocational education, which are recognized and respected in Nigeria and abroad. By sitting for NABTEB exams, students can obtain a certificate that verifies their skills and knowledge in a particular field.

Career Advancement

NABTEB certifications can help students advance their careers by demonstrating their expertise and qualifications to potential employers.

Higher Education Opportunities

In some cases, NABTEB certifications may be required for admission into higher education programs or for obtaining certain jobs.

Personal Development

By sitting for NABTEB exams, students can challenge themselves and demonstrate their mastery of a particular subject or skill set.

NABTEB exams provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and to receive recognition and validation for their hard work and dedication.

What is NABTEB?

NABTEB stands for National Business and Technical Examinations Board. It is a Nigerian examination board responsible for conducting assessments in various technical and vocational fields. The board offers certification exams for secondary and vocational education students, as well as other certification exams for skilled workers in various trades and industries. The exams offered by NABTEB aim to assess the skills and knowledge of individuals in these fields and provide them with recognized qualifications that can help them in their future careers.

Top 8 Expert Tips On How To Pass NABTEB Exams In 2023

Passing the NABTEB exams requires preparation, hard work, and dedication. Here are some tips to help you pass the NABTEB exams in 2023.

Start Your Exam Preparation Early

Preparing early for the NABTEB 2023 exam can greatly increase the chances of success. By starting early, individuals have more time to study and review the material, which can help them better understand the concepts and retain the information.

Starting early can reduce the stress and pressure of having to cram for the exam. Individuals can focus on studying at a comfortable pace and have time to review any areas where they may need additional help.

Preparing early requires good time management skills. Individuals can create a study schedule that allows them to balance their other responsibilities while still dedicating adequate time to preparing for the exam.

By starting early, individuals have the opportunity to identify any weaknesses in their understanding of the material and focus on these areas in order to improve their performance on the exam.

Preparing early for the NABTEB 2023 exam can provide individuals with some benefits, including adequate study time, reduced stress, improved time management, the opportunity to identify weaknesses, and a confidence boost.

Be Familiar with the Scheduled Date, Place, and Hour of the Exam.

It’s best to start preparing for your exam as early as possible, as the dates and times are usually announced at least a month in advance. The exams are typically held in May and November, so make sure you are aware of when your exam falls. By being aware of the exam date and time, you can avoid the stress that comes with trying to scramble for last-minute preparations just a few days before the deadline.

Obtain the Exam Materials

As soon as you have the exam date and time, it is important to obtain any materials you will need to prepare for the exam, such as study guides, past exams, or other resources provided by the institution or organization administering the exam. Having these materials will help you get a better understanding of what to expect and allow you to prepare more effectively.

Create A Timetable

Creating a timetable or study schedule can help you manage your time effectively and stay on track as you prepare for the exam. The timetable should outline the specific days and times you will dedicate to studying, as well as the specific topics or materials you will cover during each study session. This can help you stay organized and avoid cramming or feeling overwhelmed in the days leading up to the exam.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions can be a major hindrance to effective studying, so it’s important to eliminate them as much as possible. This may mean turning off your phone, finding a quiet study space, or avoiding activities that you know will take up too much of your time and attention. By reducing distractions, you can focus your energy and attention on studying and preparing for the exam, which will help you feel more confident and ready on the day of the exam.

Read, Review, And Revise

It is important to engage in active reading, review, and revision to thoroughly prepare for an exam. Active reading involves actively engaging with the material, such as highlighting key information, taking notes, or summarizing what you have read. Reviewing the material regularly helps to reinforce your understanding and keep the information fresh in your mind. Revision involves going back over the material and making any necessary corrections or updates to your notes or understanding. These activities will help you retain information and feel more confident on the day of the exam.

Have Confidence in Your Abilities

Having confidence in your abilities is key to performing well on an exam. Remind yourself of the hard work and preparation you have put in to get to this point and trust that your efforts will pay off. It is also important to keep a positive mindset and focus on your strengths rather than dwelling on your weaknesses. By maintaining a positive attitude and trusting in your abilities, you will be better equipped to perform at your best on the day of the exam.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is an important part of the exam preparation process. If you are unsure about a particular concept or topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to your instructor or a tutor for clarification. Additionally, consider forming a study group with classmates or finding a study partner to review material together and ask each other questions. Asking questions can help you gain a deeper understanding of the material, fill in any knowledge gaps, and build your confidence heading into the exam.

To pass the NABTEB exams in 2023, it is important to

Be familiar with the scheduled date, place, and time of the exam.
Obtain the exam materials.
Develop a study schedule.
Eliminate distractions.
Engage in active reading, review, and revision.
Have confidence in your abilities.
How To Pass NABTEB Exams In 2023

NABTEB GCE Registration Form 2023 Instructions And Guidelines

The 2023 NABTEB GCE form is now available and registration for the November/December certificate exams is in progress. The deadline for registration has been extended, and guidelines on how to apply are provided. The registration process includes biometric validation measures to be used at the exam centers.

The National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) has started selling the application forms for the 2023 National Business Certificate (NBC), National Technical Certificate (NTC), Advanced National Business Certificate (ANBC), and Advanced National Technical Certificate (ANTC).

Where to Purchase NABTEB GCE Form

Private candidates can purchase registration PINs/Slots for the specified exams at the following locations:

  • NABTEB Zonal Offices in Abuja, Kaduna, Yola, Osogbo, Enugu, and Benin City
  • NABTEB Liaison Office in Abuja
  • NABTEB Area Office in Lagos
  • NABTEB State offices throughout the country
  • NABTEB National Headquarters in Ikpoba Hill, Benin City


The 2023 NABTEB GCE exam registration fees are as follows:

  • Nov/Dec NBC/NTC/General Education: N10,250 per candidate
  • Nov/Dec ANBC/ANTC: N12,250 per candidate
  • GCE (Advanced Level): N15,250 per candidate

The fees include the exam fee, result checking, biometric registration, e-learning, and information VCD. Late registration will incur a penalty of N5,000.00 per candidate.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register for the 202 3 NABTEB GCE exam:

  1. Visit the NABTEB registration portal or visit a local computer registration center to begin the registration process.
  2. Biometric information (right and left thumbprints) must be captured. You can obtain the NABTEB Biometric Data Capture Application from a nearby NABTEB office.
  3. Supply the correct name, passport/registration card, PIN, and SERIAL during biometric data capture.
  4. After successful biometric capture, proceed to the online registration portal to complete the registration process. You cannot register online without first completing the biometric data capture.
  5. Fill out the form and submit it.
  6. Print the photo card and registration completion, and keep it in a safe place.

To ensure a successful GCE 2023 registration, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify that your passport photo is 160px by 200px and its size is less than 30kb.
  2. Enter the PIN and serial number obtained from your purchased scratch card.
  3. Click on the “Start Here” link.
  4. Complete the form that appears and submit it.
    • Keep your Candidate Number in a secure location


Candidates are encouraged to thoroughly read the Entry Guide, Exam Structure, Time-Table, list of Centers and Trades available at each Center, and other important information.

If you have any questions about the GCE 2023 registration process, please feel free to leave a comment below this page and we will respond promptly.

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