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Radha Mohan Zee World Full Story,Plot Summary, Casts and Teasers

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Written by Bola Ayowumi

Radha Mohan Zee World Full Story: Mohan, a beguiling woodwind player, turns unpleasant after the demise of his better half Tulsi. Radha, who has adored him since their experience growing up, chooses to acquire back trust and satisfaction his life.

Radha Mohan Zee World Full Story

Mohan’s most memorable spouse bites the dust and his little girl Gungun believes him to be her mom’s killer while Radha is infatuated with Mohan and thinks about him as her motivation. Mohan’s most memorable spouse Tulsi’s spirit lacks salvation and she is meandering in his home and safeguards her little girl Gungun every step of the way. Mohan’s stepmother Kadambari needs to remarry him and she picks her niece Damini to wed Mohan yet Damini needs to wed Mohan for his abundance. Mohan consents to wed Damini for his mom. In the mean time, Radha saves Gungun’s life and Radha stays at Mohan’s home as a visitor.

Radha and Mohan begin drawing nearer which makes Damini desirous. Kadambari and Damini find out about Tulsi’s spirit and the two of them attempt to detain her with the assistance of Gurumaa however all endeavors go to no end. Afterward, Gungun and Radha become old buddies. To get Radha out of the house, Damini blames her for burglary yet Radha substantiates herself guiltless.

Main Cast

  • Keerti Nagpure as Tulsi Mohan Trivedi – Narmada’s girl; Mohan’s most memorable spouse; Gungun’s mom
  • Reeza Choudhary as Gungun Trivedi – Mohan and Tulsi’s little girl; Radha’s step-little girl; Vishwanath’s granddaughter; Kadambari’s step-granddaughter; Rahul and Ketki’s niece
  • Swati Shah as Kadambari Trivedi
  • – Kaveri and Kulbhushan’s more youthful sister; Vishwanath’s subsequent spouse; Ketki and Rahul’s mom; Mohan’s step-mother; Radha’s step-mother by marriage; Damini’s maternal auntie; Gungun’s step-grandma.
  • Sambhabana Mohanty as Damini – Kaveri’s little girl; Rahul and Ketki’s cousin; Kulbhushan and Kadambari’s niece; Mohan’s ex-fiancee.
  • Manisha Purohit as Kaveri – Kulbhushan and Kadambari’s senior sister; Rahul and Ketki’s auntie; Damini’s mom.
  • Rajendra Lodhia as Vishwanath Trivedi – Kadambari’s better half; Kaveri and Kulbhushan’s brother by marriage; Mohan, Ketki and Rahul’s dad; Radha’s father by marriage; Gungun’s granddad.
    Pooja Kawa as Ketki (née Trivedi) – Kadambari and Vishwanath’s girl; Rahul’s more youthful sister; Kulbhushan’s niece; Mohan’s more youthful stepsister; Ajeet’s better half; Gungun’s auntie.
  • Sumeet Arora as Ajeet – Ketki’s better half; Vishwanath and Kadambari’s child in-regulation; Rahul’s brother by marriage.
  • Ranveer Singh Malik as Rahul Trivedi – Kadambari and Vishwanath’s child; Ketki’s senior sibling; Kulbhushan’s nephew; Ajeet’s brother by marriage; Mohan’s more youthful relative; Gungun’s uncle.


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