How to Answer Jamb CBT Exam Questions And Score High in 2023

Jamb CBT (Computer-Based Test) is a standardized exam used by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in Nigeria to assess the readiness of students for admission into tertiary institutions. The exam is taken on a computer, and it covers a range of subjects including Mathematics, English, and general knowledge.

To answer Jamb CBT exam questions effectively, it is important to be well-prepared and familiar with the test format.

To tell you the real fact, the key factor to success is focus and determination. In Answering and passing the Jamb CBT based, there is a top-notch snack that if you have its success is sure for you in the jamb CBT 2023 and that is reading fast and comprehensively. Those who can read have the upper chance of achieving success in jamb.

Reading is the process of interpreting written or printed text, symbols, or other visual information to understand its meaning. It involves using the eyes and the brain to decode the symbols on a page and comprehend their significance. Reading can be done for various purposes, such as to gain information, learn new things, be entertained, or connect with others through stories or shared ideas.

It is an important skill that is essential for success in many areas of life, including education, work, and personal development. Reading can be done in a variety of formats, including books, newspapers, magazines, online articles, and more.

Reading can have a positive effect on passing the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Computer-Based Test (CBT) Exam

Reading helps improve comprehension skills, which are essential for understanding the questions and instructions on the JAMB CBT Exam. By reading regularly, students can develop the ability to understand complex texts and identify key ideas, making it easier to comprehend the questions on the exam.

Reading helps expand vocabulary and improves word recognition. This can help students understand unfamiliar words and answer questions more accurately, as well as improve their ability to express their ideas in writing.

Reading promotes critical thinking and analysis, which are important skills for success on the JAMB CBT Exam. By reading various texts and analyzing them, students can improve their ability to interpret questions and come up with logical and accurate answers.

Reading is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress, which can be beneficial for students preparing for exams. By taking time to read and relax, students can improve their focus and feel more confident during the exam.

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How to Answer Jamb CBT Exam Questions 2023

Enter All The Necessary Details When Requested.

this may include providing your registration number or other information used during registration, which will then be used to auto-generate your details and those of other candidates during check-in. Therefore, it is important to have your registration details readily available.

It is also important to carefully verify any auto-generated details to ensure that they match your registration information, and to prevent any issues that may arise from incorrect details such as losing your result or other problems.

During the main exam, you will need to input your registration number into the computer and click “Next” to access the exam instructions before starting. If you encounter any issues, seek assistance from the supervisor, invigilator, or other personnel available. Be sure to type in all required information accurately and properly into the system.

Carefully Read The Exam Instructions.

It is not safe to assume that you are familiar with all the rules of the exam. Take the time to thoroughly review each instruction that is displayed on the screen as you proceed to take the exam, and ensure that you follow them accurately. These instructions are typically provided to guide you on how to proceed with answering your questions.

Furthermore, be sure to heed every instruction given by the invigilator at your center and carefully follow every instruction that appears on your computer screen as you begin the exam. This will help you to avoid any potential issues.

Proper Time Management

The amount of time allotted for the exam will determine how it should be approached. JAMB, for example, provides two hours for their exams, during which you must answer 60 questions in the English language and 40 questions each in the other three subjects.

To avoid spending too much time on a single subject, it is important to allocate your time wisely among the four subjects. If you are confident in your abilities, you can complete the Use of English paper quickly and have more time for other subjects.

It is recommended to plan how much time you will spend on each subject and stick to the plan, even if you have not finished a subject by the time allotted, to ensure you touch on all subjects. A timer will display on the computer screen to inform you of your remaining time. Taking a practice CBT exam can help you get a sense of how the exam works.

JAMB has assured candidates that if there is a power failure, it will not affect their timing. There will be a backup power supply and the exam will resume exactly where you stopped, with all answered questions saved.

Learn the JAMB keyboard shortcuts.

There are two ways to enter answers to questions into the computer. You can either click on the option you believe is the correct answer using the mouse or type in the corresponding letter using the keyboard. All answers are recorded directly into the computer.

The keyboard shortcuts consist of eight keys, namely A, B, C, D, P, N, S, and R. To select option A as your answer to a question, press the A key on the keyboard. Press B for option B, C for option C, and D for option D.

To navigate between questions, use the leftwards arrow or P button to go to the previous question, and the rightwards arrow or N button to proceed to the next question. Use the S button to end your exam, but ensure you cross-check your work before submitting it. Lastly, use the R key to return to the exam.

Note that during the exam, you can review and change your answers after entering them into the computer or after attempting all the questions before the final submission.

Start with the Use of English paper

You may be asked to start with Use of English for at least thirty to forty minutes before moving on to other papers but whether you are asked to or not, it is advisable to do that because if you have prepared well, you can finish it fast in about thirty minutes and bag good marks there.

It is possible that you will be instructed to begin with the Use of English section for a minimum of thirty to forty minutes before proceeding to the other sections. However, it is recommended that you do so even if you are not instructed, as this section can be completed quickly in about thirty minutes if you have adequately prepared. Additionally, scoring well in this section can improve your overall performance.

Try to Limit The Time You Spend On Each Question

The amount of time you need to spend on each question may vary depending on the type of question. Some questions can be answered quickly, even before finishing reading them, and should take no more than thirty seconds to answer. Others may require more time due to logical reasoning and calculations, particularly in science-related subjects. However, it is important not to spend more than a minute on any question to ensure that you can finish the exam within the allotted time of 120 minutes.

It is possible that you may not know the answers to some questions, and in such cases, it is advisable to move on to the next question and return to the unanswered one later. Remember, your speed is crucial in any examination, so it is important to manage your time effectively.

If a question is taking more time than anticipated, it may be helpful to look at the available options and determine if you have enough information from your calculations and reasoning to infer an answer. If you do, choose the most logical answer and proceed. Both speed and accuracy are essential for success in any examination.

Choose an Answer for Each Question Individually

If it were a paper-based exam, one would typically begin with the questions they are most comfortable with and then tackle the others later. This is because it is easier to spot the easy questions by flipping through the exam paper. However, in a computer-based JAMB CBT exam, you will only see one question on the screen at a time, with the option to jump to a specific question number.

You can choose to answer the questions in numerical order or randomly, depending on your preference. Regardless of your approach, make sure you answer each question as it appears on the screen, whether or not you are confident in your response. This is important because you may run out of time and not have the chance to go back and answer unanswered questions.

If you have time left, you can take note of questions you were unsure about and return to them later. However, if you spend too much time searching for easy questions, you may end up leaving too many questions unanswered.

Remember, when the time is up, the computer will automatically submit your exam for assessment. Therefore, it is essential to manage your time wisely and ensure that you attempt all questions before the exam time elapses.

Use Logical Reasoning To Make An Educated Guess.

Frequently, you may encounter questions where you have some knowledge but are uncertain of the correct answer. At other times, you may encounter questions that seem completely unfamiliar. However, randomly guessing answers in the hope of being lucky is not the best approach.

The most effective way to approach these types of questions is to make a logical guess by eliminating options. This can be compared to the “50:50 lifeline” in the television show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” where two incorrect options are removed, leaving two options – one of which is the correct answer.

When you read the question, carefully review the options and eliminate those that cannot be the answer based on your prepared knowledge. Then, work with the remaining options to increase the likelihood of selecting the correct answer.

Although JAMB may present difficult questions with very similar options, this method can still be very useful.

Finally for you to be accurate and sure and create confidence in a high chance of passing your JAMB CBT Exam you must do the following

  • Verify your answers.
  • Double-check your work.
  • Review your responses.
  • Check again for accuracy.
  • Go back over your answers.

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