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Anupama On Starlife wednesday 31st May 2023:Vijayendra Mehta calls reviewer and records objection against Anupama for jumping into his home and undermining him and his child. Controller says he wants to visit police headquarters to document a grievance. Mehta figures he will without a doubt. Anupama lets overseer know that.. Overseer says he realizes she didn’t accept regulation in that frame of mind as he was watching from a good ways, she want not stress as police will constantly help her in uncovering Mehtas’ genuine face. Anupama expresses gratitude toward him and says in the event that police upholds this way, public can have some expectation. Reviewer says both regulation and public ought to join to end evilness from the world. He passes on for police headquarters to meet Mehta.

Anupama then calls Samar and inquires as to whether everything is prepared. Samar plans to keep Dimple’s video before Mehta house. Anupama asks her not to stress as Mehtas have influence and cash, yet she has a voice which an entire world ought to be aware. Dimple makes sense of in how she was violated by Vijayendra Mehta’s child Manan Mehta and the abominations towards her. She demands public to advance her video however much as could reasonably be expected and says Mehtas would be dependable in the event that something occurs from now on. Anupama cautions Manan Mehta that he will be rebuffed without a doubt and inquires as to whether they will assist her unmistakable a trash with enjoying Manan structure the general public. Media reaches and record Anupama and Dimple’s assertion. Manan leaves and smiles at Dimple. Dimple says he is the person who violated her. Media centers around him. Manan conceals his face in dread and yells at them to go from them. Vijayendra goes along with him and requests that everybody get out. Anupama says Durga won’t go without rebuffing Mahishasur and cautions have opportunity and willpower till morning to acknowledge their wrongdoings.

Anupama On Starlife wednesday 31st May 2023 Kinjal and Kavya additionally go along with them and say they are live via web-based entertainment now and can talk. Manan yells how dare they are to record him without his assent. Vijayendra takes him in. Samar illuminates that their viral video is moving in web-based entertainment. Anupama says now everybody will know Mehtas’ transgressions. Samar says Mehtas can’t get away. Entire Ahmedabad including Vanraj, Leela, and Hasmukh watch video. Leela gets out whatever is this. Hasmukh says Anupama’s wizardry. Leela says even Kinjal and Kavya are found in the video. Kinjal and Kavya get back. Vanraj and Leela reprimand them for conflicting with their advance notice and supporting Anupama. Hasmukh upholds them. Vanraj asks him not to help them and orders Kinjal and Kavya not to escape the house without his consent. Kavya and Kinjal say they will and returned home to take a few sheet material things and comfortable garments. Vanraj says they don’t have the foggiest idea how strong Mehta is, he will kill and cover them away.

Pakhi strolls in overreacted in the wake of watching viral video and says her companions are addressing about Anupama’s demonstration. Kavya asks on the off chance that her companions didn’t inquiry her when she ran off and wedded, in any case they can’t squander energy in contention as the need might arise to go on dharna/fight. Vanraj says their dharnas won’t chip away at strategically and monetarily strong Mehta. Leela inquires as to whether they are not terrified of police lathi. Kavya says Mehtas ought to be apprehensive now as they are responsible in the event that something happens to us. The two of them leave, leaving Vanraj and Leela seething. Pakhi says as of now ther are 10 lakhs sees on this video.

Neighbors meet Anupama and wish to help her in battling against Mehtas’ abominations as even they are drained seeing Mehtas tormenting their ladies. Anupama says thanks to them and sits for dharna. Little Anu strolls in with Anuj. Anuj says he came to help her and is pleased with her. He offers her tiffin and says he simply needed to meet her. He requests that Anupama’s allies have food, presents shayari, and takes a gander at Mehta house prior to leaving. At night, Anupama addresses her allies on friendly boycotting Mehtas. She finds out about Mehta’s girl’s wedding and says they won’t meddle in wedding. Kavya and allies say let the marriage break and Mehta become familiar with an illustration. Anupama says they are battling for a little girl and can’t demolish another’ girl’s life. Dimple says Aupama is correct.

Anupama On Starlife wednesday 31st May 2023: A chit falls before Anupama. She peruses it that she is Vijayendra’s little girl Piya, her dad is strongly getting her hitched, she isn’t coming in that frame of mind to father’s apprehension, they shouldn’t ease off and ought to ensure her sibling is rebuffed. Piya from overhang shows approval to Anupama. Anupama says she let them know that a lady generally upholds another lady. Her group switch counts from 10 to 0 and disengages Mehta house power. Mehta overreacts and requests that workers actually take a look at their electric wire. Anupama and her group show light on Vijayendra and Manan’s countenances. Arambh Hai Prachand Hai.. melody plays behind the scenes.

Precap: Anupama and group keep on irritating Mehtas. Anuj stresses for Dimpy and Anupama. Mehta hijacks Dimpy and undermines her to reclaim police protest. Anupama strolls to them.

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