Anupama On Starlife Tuesday 23rd May 2023

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Anupama On Starlife Tuesday 23rd May 2023: Dimple asks the inspector not to spare the culprits, and he assures her that he will find and punish them severely. Anuj thanks the inspector for his honesty and rare dedication. The inspector assures Dimple that the police will support her brave fight against the atrocity she faced. The family sees news of Dimple’s accident and expresses anger towards the culprits. Leela criticizes Anupama and Anuj for getting involved in a police trap, but Toshu defends their actions. Hasmukh emphasizes the life-altering consequences of accidents and Samar prays for Dimpy’s strength and justice.

The inspector warns Dimple about the long and tough fight ahead, especially if the culprits come from a wealthy background. Dimple vows not to give up until she achieves justice. Nirmit hesitates to go home alone, but Dimple insists he inform their family about the accident. Anupama encourages Nirmit not to mention losing dignity and emphasizes Dimpy’s increased dignity through her bravery. They contemplate their next steps, unsure of what to do.

The Shah family discusses the difficulties faced by victims of such atrocities. A mistakenly delivered parcel causes a dispute, with Leela criticizing Pakhi’s extravagant spending. Leela worries that Pakhi’s actions may lead to Adhik leaving her. Samar informs the family about Anupama and Anuj’s return to Ahmedabad, while Leela believes they should leave their problems behind.

Anupama On Starlife Tuesday 23rd May 2023: Anupama and Anuj bring Nirmit and Dimple home, where they find Ankush and Barkha still present. Despite their decision to search for a new house, Anupama and Anuj assure them that staying is fine. Nirmit expresses his unease about facing his family, while Anupama and Anuj attempt to support him.

Samar informs Leela and Vanraj about Anupama and Anuj taking Dimple to their home. Vanraj questions Anupama’s decision, feeling they should have provided financial support instead. Kavya and Kinjal defend Anupama, but Leela worries about the criticism they may face. Anuj and Anupama encourage Nirmit to be proud of Dimple and support her, but his changed behavior concerns them. Ankush believes they shouldn’t have involved themselves in legal battles, while Anupama and Anuj defend their actions.

Anupama On Starlife Tuesday 23rd May 2023: Vanraj expresses his anger over Anupama’s actions, accusing her of kicking out their own daughter and bringing a stranger home. Meanwhile, Anupama suggests going for a doctor’s checkup, and Ankush and Barkha discuss their next course of action. Nirmit prepares to leave with his bag.

In the upcoming episode, Anupama and Anuj receive a threat message warning them to withdraw their support for Dimple. Leela urges Anupama to step back before everything is destroyed. Bikers attack Anupama.

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