Anupama On Starlife Tuesday 23rd May 2023

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Anupama On Starlife Tuesday 23rd May 2023:Leela urges Anupama to prioritize the safety of her family and abandon her social responsibility. Anupama asserts that the criminals want her to be afraid and retreat. Kavya and Kinjal support Anupama, explaining that if she backs down, the culprits will not face consequences. Leela acknowledges Anupama’s greatness but emphasizes that they are only human and cannot handle such situations. She expresses sympathy for Dimpy but refuses to risk her family’s lives. Hasmukh, accompanied by Samar and Toshu, enters the room. Leela informs them about receiving a threat message from the goons and tries to convince Anupama to withdraw her complaint. Kavya reveals that Anupama has also received a threat message. Leela warns that the culprits, who managed to reach Kinjal’s office and Anupama’s home, are dangerous and capable of anything. She pleads with Anupama to reconsider. Anupama remains firm in her decision, stating that for the sake of humanity, she must ensure the culprits are punished. Leela raises concerns about the family’s safety, suggesting that they may be harmed or that Pari could be kidnapped. Anupama argues against succumbing to fear, using the analogy of a goat that lives in fear and eventually becomes prey. She insists they should live with pride.

Leela states that she is content with lowering her head and does not aspire to be as great as Anupama. She questions how Anupama can think of herself when she is a woman. Hasmukh asks Leela not to pressure Anupama. Leela continues to plead with Anupama for the sake of the family’s safety and seeks her promise. Anupama reflects on Dimpy’s ordeal and refuses, explaining that she cannot stay silent after witnessing it. She declares that she would not have spared the culprits if it were her own daughter instead of Dimpy. As a woman, she sees it as a disgrace to let the culprits roam free. Anupama delivers a heartfelt speech, expressing disappointment in society’s tendency to feel upset over such incidents but take no action to address them. She implores her family to stand with her, explaining that others will not stand with them if they face a similar situation. Hasmukh, Samar, Kinjal, Toshu, and Kavya back Anupama, citing how she supported them when Kinjal and Kavya were wronged. Anupama asserts that they must work towards reforming society if they want to live in it.

Anupama On Starlife Tuesday 23rd May 2023: Leela believes that they may perceive her as wrong now but will understand her intentions later. She once again requests Anupama to back down, warning her of potential consequences. Anupama interrupts her, stating that she will not back down. Fate has brought Dimpy to her for a reason, and she will not let her culprits go unpunished. Samar, Toshu, Kavya, Kinjal, and Hasmukh pledge their support to Anupama in her mission. Anupama thanks them and urges everyone to remain vigilant. Leela hopes her fears do not come true and cautions Anupama that her stubbornness may lead to dire consequences. Anupama asserts that it will surely happen if she backs down and fails to bring justice to Dimpy. Meanwhile, Pakhi meets her friend, who praises her for marrying a handsome and wealthy person like Adhik and demands a party at a five-star hotel. Pakhi senses someone watching them from a hiding place.

Anupama On Starlife Tuesday 23rd May 2023: Anuj tries to lift Dimpy’s spirits by reciting a poem about trusting those who support her and forgetting those who abandoned her. Barkha enters

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