6 Mistakes You Should Never Do During Your Exams in 2023

Hello, friends exams are just a month away. We hope you are well prepared. And if not, you’ll find many Concept related articles for your last-minute revision in my post.

There are some exam tips and some paper presentation techniques you may find the links below. But that’s all about preparation. What happens after preparation? What happens on the day of your examination? What mistakes do we make in our exams that, despite all our efforts and hard work, we lose our marks? So today I’m going to tell you 6 Mistakes You Should Never Do During Your Exams in 2023

So let’s get started.

The first one is, to imagine that you’re all ready and waiting outside your exam Hall. There are just 15 minutes for you to enter the examination Centre. And what do we do just before entering? We open our books and start reading this. My dear friends are the first mistake we make, do not keep reading till the last minute, you will just keep getting more tense. And all that you are doing is that you’re just checking if you remember the points. Trust me, my friends, you remember it all. No need to confirm things again. And again, instead of reading till the last minute, just take deep breaths and calm yourself down, keep assuring yourself that you know it all.

  • Not Reading the Question Paper Carefully

Moving ahead during your for the most common mistake. Students make is that they do not read the question paper correctly. Please, please, please read your paper correctly. Sometimes questions are asked with the word not. And with all the tension in our head, we tend to skip that word, like, for example, there might be a question that says which of these is not a rational number? Did you notice the word not? Yes, pay extra attention to that word underline it in the question paper and answer it correctly.

Therefore, by avoiding such silly mistakes, you can score more, also pay attention to the words like any 3 or anyone do not waste your time in answering all the questions, save time and utilize it. Well, and one more thing related to reading the questions well is that please turn in your question paper and check if there are any more questions in the paper. If you’re in doubt, you may also ask your supervisor if the question paper is printed on both sides or just one side. Okay, let’s move to the next one.

  • Do Not Skip Questions

The next common mistake students make is that they skip questions and try to attempt them later. And that later never comes after finishing your paper. You will forget that you have left to question in between. If you do not know the complete answer to any question, and I wish to write it later, then please Circle the question on your question paper with a pencil. So when you finish writing your paper, you would remember to attempt that particular question moving ahead.

  • Never Give Up

The next mistake students make during exams is that they give up. So I’m telling you today, never lose hope. Never leave any questions unanswered. If it’s a 5-mark question, and you know, only two to three points in the answer, I would suggest you write it, even if it’s incomplete. No problem. It may fetch you at least one Mark.  So just write whatever little you know, every Mark counts do not leave questions without attempting it.

  • Do Not Spend All Your Time Just In One question

The fifth mistake that students make is that they spend a lot of time just on one question, if you get stuck anywhere, or can’t find the solution to a problem, then just leave it that way and come back to it when you have some spare airtime divide ours and the marks in a logical way so that you can complete your entire paper.

  • Do not Discuss your Paper

And the last in most important mistake students make is that they discuss their paper. Yes, friends, you should never discuss your paper after it is done, no matter how bad or good your paper went. Please do not discuss it with anyone. I’ll tell you what happens.

So after discussing, if you find out your friends have written a different answer, you would get stressed and worried unnecessarily. This affects your performance for the next paper. You constantly worried and pressurize yourself to score well in the coming papers. But with tension in your mind, nothing good comes out of it. So avoid discussing your paper.


So these my friends, Are the 6 Mistakes You Should Never Do During Your Exams in 2023. Lastly, I would like to say there’s no secret bigger than hard work and determination. Also, keep believing in yourself and see the miracle happening. Don’t forget to check out our other exam-related content for more tips. Links are given below also do share and comment to tell us about any specific topic that you need help with. Will try to help you out till then. All the best for your exams. Thank you.

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