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2023 Waec Agric Practical Specimen

Waec English Language Answers 2023 for 17th May 2023
Written by Bola Ayowumi

The 2023 WAEC Agricultural Science Practical specimen that has been officially released can be found on this page. If you are a WAEC candidate in search of the current WAEC Agricultural Science Practical specimen,

look no further! We have provided the questions and answers for the 2023 WAEC Agric practical specimen, as well as the most effective approach for answering WAEC Practical questions.

Today, the 2023 WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Specimen has been officially released for all WAEC candidates and can be checked below.

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2023 Waec Agric Practical Specimen

(a) The provision of specimens, materials, and equipment for the test is your responsibility.

(b) Where a specimen is not readily available in sufficient quantity. It should be shared among small groups of candidates.

(II) Each candidate should be provided with the following specimens labelled according


SPECIMEN A: Earthworm;

SPECIMEN B: Termite;

SPECIMEN C: Loamy soil;

SPECIMEN D: Sandy soil;

SPECIMEN E: Water trough;

SPECIMEN F: Feed trough;

SPECIMEN G: Egg candler; [Rea/Picture/Diagram]

SPECIMEN H: Scoop net

SPECIMEN I: Sugarcane;

SPECIMEN J: Pineapple fruit (whole);

SPECIMEN K: Ginger (whole),

SPECIMEN L: Honey (labelled);

SPECIMEN M: Sawdust;

SPECIMEN N: Wood shavings;

SPECIMEN O: Electric bulb;

SPECIMEN P: Kerosene lamp;

SPECIMEN Q: Charcoal pot.


Please take note that the specimen provided on this page is essential for your preparation, as it is what you will encounter on your WAEC Agric practical Exam day. For prompt responses to any questions, you may consider joining our forum.

It is crucial for WAEC candidates to utilize the specimen provided on this page as it reflects the type of questions and tasks that they are likely to face during their Agricultural Science Practical Exam. This specimen serves as a valuable study material, and familiarizing oneself with it can help to enhance their preparedness for the exam.

In addition, our forum offers a platform for candidates to interact with other students and experts in the field. Joining the forum can provide an opportunity for candidates to ask questions and receive prompt responses, which can help to clear up any doubts or confusion they may have regarding the Agricultural Science Practical Exam.

Overall, by utilizing the specimen provided on this page and engaging with our forum, WAEC candidates can maximize their chances of achieving success in the Agricultural Science Practical Exam.


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